Folk & Friends (Hornstull)

We are turning a chapter in the the story of Folk & Friends.
After some consideration we have decided to move on from the Hornstull location, and focus primarily on Chewie’s Bar, our newly opened natural wine bar on Kungsholmen.
The process happened a lot faster than we could have anticipated, it was not an easy decision, but feels like the right one.
This might not be the end of Folk & Friends as we would like to open up an updated Folk & Friends 2.0 some time in the future.
It has been quite a journey and we are proud to have been pioneers and open up the first proper folköl bar in the country, and challenge the norm of Swedish drinking culture.
We are grateful for all the love and acknowledgment we have received throughout the years, from great support from dedicated regulars, to being one of the highest rated bars,
to have been awarded Svenska Ölfrämjandets (Swedish Beer Consumers Association) Guldpin (Golden Pin) 2021. We are happy to have played our part in Swedish beer history.
We will continue to produce sessionable craft beer under Folk & Brew which will be available at Chewie’s Bar as well as select grocery stores throughout the country.
This Thursday June 30 will be the last day Folk & Friends Hornstull will be open. Come on by this week to say hi, and help us empty our remaining inventory.
Take away drinks will be 70% off and draft beers 50% off. This is also the time to cash in any outstanding gift cards, and stamp cards.
If you are away and do not have the possibility of coming by and redeem your gift cards etc, then send us a message and we can probably arrange something over at Chewie’s Bar.
Thank you for these years, come visit us at Chewie’s Bar.
Chewie, Alli, and Victor


Chewie’s Bar (Kungsholmen)

Tuesday – Thursday: 16.00 – 22.30

Friday – Saturday: 15.00 – 22.30

Folk & Friends Kungsholmen is now Chewie’s Bar.

Our new concept focusing on natural wines, craft beer, craft ciders, and smörrebröd.

Plant based menu, and just as dog friendly as Folk & Friends.

Chewie’s Bar does not have the game concept anymore (please don’t bring your own).

We want people to socialize over drinks and/or food. 🙂


Warm welcome to Folk & Friends & Chewie’s Bar!

Chewie with colleagues

Come Visit!

We've got two Stockholm locations.

Beer for the people

Come enjoy a carefully selected variety of low alcohol craft beer. Drink from draft or go explore the curated fridges. All beer available for take away.

Dogs welcome, people tolerated

Folk & Friends is as much of a dog place as a beer place. Chewie, our own ``fur child`` happily welcomes all of his dog friends. Naturally there's plenty of treats for them as well.

Pies & Snacks

No need to go hungry when hanging out with us. We offer some seriously delicious New Zealand style pies, hand crafted with love in the town of Katrineholm by NZ Pies. Most things on our menu are vegan or vegetarian (sometimes along with a token meat option). There are also plenty of snacks to go with your beers.

Folk & Brew

With Folk & Brew we are on a mission to create spectacular low alcohol craft beer.